The Materials We Use Make Our Boats are Incredibly Light and Strong.

Our boats are made by hand bending aluminum composite panels (ACP) into specific geometric shapes, and then filled with a structural boat foam, tested in accordance with U.S. Coast Guard Regulation # 33 CFR 183.114.  The result is an exceptionally strong and lightweight boat, that weighs under 100lbs, without its motor and battery.


The Geodesic Design of Our Hull Reflects the Beauty of Mathematics, Expressed in a Physical Form.

Had Buckminster Fuller been around today, he would have been proud someone had paid attention to him, and likely pointed out that the ‘2v’ geodesic bow… merged with a stern, created using the bottom 4 sides of an octagon… makes for an incredibly strong and beautifully curved design – something not typically seen in an object made entirely out of straight lines, and flat surfaces.

In the case of an 4′ x 8′ sheet, this was accomplished by using a triangle, with a base and height of 4′ for the bow, while leaving the rest of the sheet to be scored into the 4 equal sized panels, which ultimately comprise the hull of the boat.

What makes this particular design interesting (and useful) is that if you’d prefer a larger or smaller boat, the design can easily scale to whatever size you want… The Small Boat is made from a 4’x8′, The Long Boat is made from a 4’x10′, and The XL Boat is made from a 5’X10’… all are proportional to one another, because they are all based on the same, underlying Geometry.

The ‘One Sheet Wonder’

Some boat builders call our hull a ‘one sheet wonder’, because from a displacement standpoint, it is an extremely efficient use of a single 4’x8′ sheet of material, but it still resembles (and drives like) a ‘real’ boat… not a refrigerator box, with a hole cut out on the top, and only has about 10′ of seams that need to be sealed (compared with the 30’+ that a wooden boat would have) before the boat would be water tight.