The Materials We Use Make Our Boats Incredibly Light and Strong.

Our boats are made by hand bending aluminum composite panels (ACP) into specific geometric shapes, which are then filled with a structural boat foam, tested in accordance with U.S. Coast Guard Regulation # 33 CFR 183.114.  The result is an exceptionally strong and lightweight boat, that weighs under 100lbs, without its motor and battery.


The Geodesic Design of Our Hull Reflects the Beauty of Mathematics, Expressed in a Physical Form.

Had Buckminster Fuller been around today, he would have been proud someone had paid attention to him, and likely pointed out that the ‘2v’ geodesic bow… merged with a stern, created using the bottom 4 sides of an octagon… makes for an incredibly strong and beautifully curved design – something not typically seen in an object made entirely out of straight lines, and flat surfaces.  Click here to read more about the design.

The World May Not Be Flat, but Our Boat Kits Sure Are.

Our boat kits can be shipped ‘flat’ and then permanently assembled in your home, if you are interested in saving some money and the inclination. Not only are the ‘kits’ cheaper than the finished boats, but shipping costs are more reasonable, as well.


Personalize Your Small Boat, with Custom Full Color Printing.

We can print any full color image you want on your boat (including logos and other promotional messages) for an additional fee.


Our Environmental Commitment

We choose environmentally friendly materials, in an effort to reduce our impact in the world in which we operate….

  • We choose quiet electric motors, over conventional smelly gasoline engines, because oil and water don’t mix:)
  • We use lightweight lithium batteries, instead of lead/acid batteries, because they have much longer working lives.
  • The flotation foam we use is not considered a marine pollutant, nor does it bioaccumulate (and in normal circumstances, it will never even come in contact with the water.)
  • We use marine grade plywood which is sustainably harvested, and definitely no exotic woods, because healthy oceans require healthy forests and riparian zones to feed them clean fresh water.
  • Unlike fiberglass, the aluminum composite hull and deck of our boats can be recycled at the end of the boat’s life.

…and we are determined to find new ways we can minimize out environmental footprint on this planet.